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"Every person has its own sympathies, but the universality of principles encompasses them without conflict. In a way, this is what Capote confronts when, by means of random choices, he reshapes the problem of social icons by making them an inherent and interesting part of an already consensual communication.
The treatment and the color, the textures and the composition, the process of serigraphic root and the rhythmic play of the figures in the space available, respond with the sensitivity of this author whose intervention is predominantly based on the necessity of chronological adjustment and the research that validates it your meritorious journey."


Edgardo Xavier

A.I.C.A. Portugal

Member of the International Association of Art Critics

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Born in Ílhavo, 1977




2011  Attends the 2nd year of the master's degree in teaching Visual Arts at the University School of Arts Coimbra.

2002  Bachelor in Fine Arts – Painting, ARCA-EUAC Coimbra

2002-PRESENT  Teaching Visual Education




2001  "Percursos Académicos", City Hall of Ílhavo

2002  "No-Stress" Grade Gallery, Aveiro

2006  "Idol’s Philosophy Portraits..." Nuno Sacramento Gallery, Aveiro

2007  "O rasto dos idolos", Por amor à arte, Porto

2008  "Idol´s Portraits", Culture House, Cantanhede




1994   Mostra de Artes, City Hall, Ílhavo

1996  "Última Ceia", Grade Gallery, Aveiro

1998  "Exposição Arte Jovem", Cultural and Congresses Center, Aveiro

2000  "Farmácia", University of Coimbra

2001  "Grandes Obras, Pequenos Formatos", Grade Gallery, Coimbra

2001  "Arte",  ARCA-EUAC, Coimbra

2003  "Biennale de Vila Verde", Vila Verde

2003  "Jovens Criadores", Aveiro

2003   7th Edition – Prize of Painting and Sculpture "D. Fernando II", Sintra 

2004   "Jovens Criadores", Aveiro

2005   "Biennale of Vila Verde", Vila Verde

2005   "Femina ou o Esplendor do Nu", Sacramento Gallery, Aveiro

2006   "Revivalismos" Courtyard of the Inquisition, Coimbra

2007   "Consagração da Natureza" Luís Madureira Gallery, Sintra

2008   " Última Ceia", Sacramento Gallery, Aveiro

2008   " Small format" Por amor à arte, Porto

2009   " Artistas da terra" Cultural Center of Ílhavo

2011   "Colectivo 5" Bustos




1990   1st Prize of Ceramics at the hall of Fine Arts, Museum of Ílhavo

1998   1st Prize of Painting SIM-RIA, Aveiro

2002   Honorific Mention - ”Jovens Criadores”, Aveiro

2005   Platinum Honorific Mention-  Biennale of Vila Verde, Vila Verde

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